Oxidized asphalt

PUB-LTD is oxidized bitumen manufacturer and multi face company based on Iran. In addition, We are structured into focused on oxidization of asphalt division to serve the different needs of our customers worldwide for blown bitumen.

In addition, we are providing Blown asphalt (Oxidized Asphalt_Blown Bitumen_Oxidized Bitumen_oxidized) in various grades.

Our grades are Oxidized BITUMEN 115/15 blown asphalt 95/25 oxidised asphalt 85/40 , bitumen 90/15 oxidized bitumen 90/40 asphalt 85/25 bitumen 75/25 pure petroleum bitumen 150/5 Hard asphalt or Hard bitumen and any other all grades of Oxidized asphalt according to order.

Oxidized Asphalt is a solid or semi-black solid material and gradually liquid when heated, oxidized asphalt is predominant content bitumen, asphalten , malten (oils) and aromatic resins. The oxidized asphalt or blown asphalt is producing in different softening point and penetration like as 115/15 90/40 85/25 85/25 90/15 95/25 75/25 150/5 105/30

Oxidized Bitumen is a peculiar amorphous material which is generally in liquid form when discharged by oxidation plants at a temperature ranging from 240°-300° C., and becomes solid or pasty at ambient temperatures.

While being relatively hot, it is viscous, whereas when in pasty or solid state it possesses a fair degree of elasticity. Both in liquid and in plastic or solid form oxidized bitumen is a highly insulating material with good adhesion properties with respect to almost any solid material.

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